Potter's field

Auteur : Dolan, Chris
Editeur / Agent : Vagabond Voices
Genre : Fiction, thriller

In Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park, the bodies of two youths lie with bullet holes in their heads.
Hungover, nicotine-starved and ill-attired, attorney Maddy Shannon attends the scene, unaware that this grim morning is about to spiral out of control.
The corpses have been carefully disfigured, perhaps signs of gangland revenge or, worse, ritual slayings. It soon becomes clear that this disturbing case will hold a mirror to the government, the church and society at large.
In this first crime novel, written with his trademark wit and empathy, Chris Dolan's skill in characterisation is matched by an ability to tell a tale that is raw, real and riveting. A noted newcomer on the Tartan Noir scene, Dolan magnificently captures present-day Glasgow in all its glory and grime.

Vagabond Voices, Glasgow, 2014, 296 pages - ISBN : 978-1-908251-32-9

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Anglais, Français

Biographie :

Chris Dolan, born in Glasgow in 1957, is an award-winning novelist, poet and playwright. He is the author of numerous short stories and four novels, including Ascension Day, winner of the McKitterick Prize 1999, Redlegs and Aliyyah. Winner of an Edinburgh Fringe First, he has written several plays, performed internationally, including the only stage adaptation of Bernhard Schlink's The Reader. He has also written extensively for radio and television.